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Hannah Chadwick Corporate Training Consultant

Corporate Training Workshops and Consultancy

Fortitude Training is a training and consultancy provider that partners with your organisation to help you create the culture you want.   


Together, we can create a more cohesive workplace culture, where your people feel fully engaged and supported.       

Who I help

Are you a CEO, HR Director or Senior Leader? 

Do you feel like you want to improve the culture in your organisation, but you’re unsure where to start?


Or do you know what needs to be done, but find it’s difficult to achieve on top of managing your day-to-day responsibilities?

Are these things happening in your organisation?

• High staff turnover

• Poor communication

• Disengaged workforce

• Lack of cohesive culture

• Chronic underperformance

• Low morale, presenteeism or burnout

Would you like to achieve more of this?

• Cohesive teamwork
• Greater well-being focus

• Improved communication
• Reduced staff turnover rates
• Increased productivity and profitability
• More energised and engaged workforce

Hannah Chadwick - Corporate Training Consultant
Rachel Lagumbay,
God's Grace Call Centre

Despite the constrains of the time difference and the distance (we're in the Philippines), the training workshop ran smoothly and productively. I thank Hannah for sharing her knowledge and ideas.  

Fortitude Training - Corporate Training Workshops and Consultancy
Kimberley Fidler,
L&D Consultant

I was delighted to attend the Non-Visible Disabilities Workshop. Hannah's story is an example of how small adjustments make such a difference to the employee and the business also.  

Hannah Chadwick - Corporate Training Consultant
Steph Varley,
Executive Assistant at The Data Shed

I'm so glad I attended the NVD Awareness Workshop. Thanks Hannah for your openness around the subject. I feel much more confident in how we can support the team and start these conversations. 

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