NVD Awareness

Training Workshop

Is your organisation ready to get Non-Visible Disabilities on your Diversity & Inclusion agenda?


Look no further.

This emotive workshop educates attendees on this important topic, through the powerful story of my own lived experience.

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Focus Group Facilitation

Want to take a temperature check with your team,

but fear they won't open up to you?

I can bridge that gap for you.

As an external facilitator, I create a safe space for your team.

I enable you to understand their needs and concerns,

through quantitative and qualitative data.

Employee  Well-being

Awareness Workshop 

Are you looking to upskill your line managers on the best ways they can support the well-being of their direct reports?

This workshop is the perfect solution.

It outlines practical advice for leaders on how to be supportive, and how to encourage direct reports to proactively manage their own well-being too.

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Consultancy Services

Are you looking for support on enhancing your organisational culture?


I'm here to help you. 

I can partner with your organisation, guiding you along the path to reshaping your workplace culture.

Stronger Together

Team Building Workshop

Are you looking to achieve more cohesion in your organisation?

I've got you covered.

I can show your team how they can better understand each other, enabling them to work together more efficiently and effectively.

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Leadership Foundations

Training Workshop

Are you looking to upskill your best performers to prepare them for taking on a management role?


This workshop is the answer.

I will equip your colleagues with the fundamental skills

necessary for them to grow into a someone who

can not only manage, but lead and inspire.